Daughter of Oshun



I’m Tyanna,


living in Florence Italy,

with my husband,

dedicating my life to sensuality more and more each day.

"A dream represents a world within us all. Like a fingerprint, no two are the same. Fight for your own. Empower yourself. Unless we have the courage to breathe life into our passions and forge our own way, this world within us will never be. Forge your own way."

the Sensualist

I love the path to life’s pleasure.

I spend my day admiring beauty. ideas, stories, people, and expression. This has led to many pursuits, from erotic writing, art, nude modeling, and will inevitably lead to many more artistic endeavors.

Life must create and seek meaning. When it does, it creates well defined and higher resolution values through the path of individuation. Who are we? What do we want and why? It’s honing these idiosyncrasies born and formed within us that I find so captivating and worth the precious moments we share on this Earth. Beautiful art and uninhibited expression help us grasp and grapple with this.

My work, and being, offers friendship, companionship, and honesty. I open a door where we unfurl the desires we are told to keep in a dark corner. I create a space where the world we found ourselves thrown into is quieter; and the one that could be, the one we imagine, the one we have spoken of only in whispers to ourselves, is louder.


I love working with artists and forming connections so that we may find ourselves to be mutual muses! If you have a project or even the glimmer of an idea, I would love to have a beautiful conversation about it.

Currently, I’m training at the Somatica Institute to be a guide to help others find their highest pleasures. This includes exercises in erotic meditation, getting in touch with your boundaries, de-compartmentalizing sexuality, and helping you truly empathize and connect with those around you. I’m seeking individuals to help hone these skills with and create a space to explore sexually and emotionally in a safer environment – in person or video. If this interests you, reach out!  I warmly and enthusiastically welcome you. 

Also…we can just chat! If you find something of interest about me and/or think I’ll find something interesting about your beautiful self, let’s talk love! This is a place of friendship, and I welcome that as well 🙂

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