a decision A Commitment and your legacy

Your personal life and private life aren’t really separate. It affects your business, relationships, and legacy.

The truth is, that the more powerful you are, the more targeted you are for scandal.

Your relationship(s) will either affirm your desires or punish you for them.

Do you know the compatibilities that you SHOULD look for in a partner for lifelong pleasure and intimate, fulfilling companionship?


If you are seeking the relationships that uplift you. That are commensurate with your success. And also are workable in a way that does not lead to your downfall. Let me help. I’m a sex and relationship advisor. The only one.

you need a sex & relationship advisor

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desire, fantasy, and pleasure

Intimate desires, fantasies, and pleasures are like the stars to our being. You CAN reach within yourself, pull them out, and see them shine.

Those desires can build the relationship(s) of your dreams. You can share your desires lovingly with your partner(s) and introduce or re-introduce passion into your life.

I can help you find it, share it, grow it, and experience it. Within your marriage, relationships, or your quest for it.


Know your boundaries and the boundaries of those you are in relationship with.


Those in the desert get seduced by anyone with water.


Keep things private or keep them transparent. Don’t get caught violating your own values.


Clarity around what you want without shame. Integrating that into your life and relationships