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I’ve been working on my modeling, photography, and storytelling since 2017. There is no paywall between myself and the sharing of my creative pursuits. I rely on kindness, encouragement, and my love of the pursuit of purpose to fund my work. If you like what I do and want to see it continue, grow, change, and grow some more – give here.

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weekend plans

My weekend to-do list: make art, be art, masturbate, exfoliate, procrastinate, fall in love, write erotica. Oh and change my hair again.

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Photo by Tim Bradshaw Whispers will plague your ears if you fail to fill them with the strength of your own voice. Your own ability to

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I love the sensual. For me this and love for the sun has a share in brilliance and beauty Sappho Born in 630 BC, Sappho

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“Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” ― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus I’ve been taking the time to develop these

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just been thinking

We scream to the world, to the media, why does it being black in this world mean that there is extra, suffering, racism, and prejudice laced into our lives. Why must it mean this? We are aching for a better history, better mental well being, a better chance to be anything. Make it more than a story of shackles, welfare, and police brutality.

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the erotic self

You’re not broken. You just forgot yourself. And you didn’t know how to demand your right to be a priority. To be sexual. To be

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the fire princess

I stumbled across Harry Crosby and the the eccentric life he and his wife Caresse led. PLEASE SELL $10,000 WORTH OF STOCK. WE HAVE DECIDED

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Obviousness is mediocrity and boredom. What is obvious will be forgotten. What is found out is our own secret. It gives us a feeling of

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