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Each time, storytellers clothed the naked body of the myth in their own traditions, so that listeners could relate more easily to its deeper meaning.

– Joan D Vinge

Here is where I strip them down.

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weekend plans

My weekend to-do list: make art, be art, masturbate, exfoliate, procrastinate, fall in love, write erotica. Oh and change my hair again.

The Triumph of Death

This painting is the first to capture me emotionally. In 2011, I saw it for the first time in Madrid at the Museo del Prado.

Roman Holiday

“We danced our youth in a dreamed of city, Venice, paradise, proud and pretty, We lived for love and lust and beauty, Pleasure then our

where the erotic mind comes to learn, experience, and feed it's creativity

Someone to Call Daddy///part III

///art by Jay Ennis///
Raven comes back to school earlier than expected to find a surprise awaiting her as soon as she steps through the door.

Someone to Call Daddy///part II

///art by Jay Ennis///
Raven has gone home for the weekend leaving Jamie alone to explore, discover new fantasies, and make Raven proud.

Someone to Call Daddy///part I

///art by Jay Ennis///
Unlikely friends who become lovers. Raven sets off the beginning of Jamie’s personal sexual enlightenment and the beginning of their lust filled relationship.

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